#elemchat - December 10, 2011

Strategies & tools for Balanced Literacy across elementary grade levels - RESOURCES

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Links shared by #ElemChat organisers

Links shared by #ElemChat participants

Questions for directing discussion

  • General
  1. What does a Balanced Literacy approach mean? What evidence justifies the balanced literacy approach?
  2. Is Balanced Literacy the same as Differentiated Learning in literacy?
  3. What are the essential components of a balanced literacy program?
  4. How do we implement balanced literacy without it becoming too prescriptive?

  • Guided Reading
  1. How does Guided Reading differ from the more traditional “round robin reading” group instruction?
  2. What kind of accountability & structure tools & strategies can ensure that students are maximizing the use of their class time while teacher works with small groups?
  3. Fluency is more than sounding good when reading... enhances comprehension. Tools and strategies to help dysfluent kids?
  4. How do you select guided reading texts? In the lower grades? Upper grades?

  • Independent Reading
  1. How does Independent Reading compare to Sustained Silent Reading? (SSR)
  2. What are the prerequisites for implementing Independent reading? (sufficient books, info about readers, routines...)
  3. How do you achieve a balance of structure and individual choice?
  4. Independent reading: does it matter what they read, or as long as they’re just reading...
  5. Independent reading - are there elements of the Readers Notebook that can be enhanced by the use of technology?

  • Read Aloud & Word Study
  1. How to incorporate “think aloud” routines into a traditional read aloud
  2. Strategies & tools for word study in the lower grades? Upper grades?
  3. Shared reading: useful in lower elementary? Appropriate for upper elementary?

  • Differentiation
  1. What are effective strategies & tools for students with learning challenges that impact their reading development?

  • Beyond the Reading “Blocks”
  1. How do you integrate literacy and literature into your whole curriculum?
  2. How do you teach students that math and science need a different approach when reading? (as in reading non-fiction as a genre? -Tania)
  3. What connections are made between reading and writing?

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