#elemchat - January 7, 2012

Book talks by students and teachers to promote passion for reading new books - RESOURCES

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Links shared by #ElemChat organisers

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: What is a Book Talk? How is it different from a book report/book review?
  • Q2: Are Book Talks, Book Trailers and Book Commercials different names for the same thing?
  • Q3: What are the essential elements of a Book Talk?
  • Q4: Pedagogically speaking, what is the purpose of a Book Talk given by a student? (engagement? assessment? other?)
  • Q5: What is the purpose of a Book Talk given by a teacher/librarian/etc. ?
  • Q6: Do Book Talks have a purpose beyond generating excitement for reading?
  • Q7: Logistics: How often do Book Talks occur in your class? How long is each BT? What are various possible formats for book talks?
  • Q8: How do you select books for Book Talks? Do you include mentor texts used to teach reading and writing strategies, genres, etc?
  • Q9: How can Book Talks become part of student’s E-portfolio/evidence of learning?
  • Q10: How do you take Book Talks beyond the classroom walls?
  • Q11: Are Book Talks graded in your class? Should they be? #elemchat (bracing for impact...)
  • Q12: Last question: As a teacher, how do you keep current about new and important books to share? Any resources?

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