#elemchat - January 14, 2012

Empowering Students to become Responsible, Involved Citizens in the Community - RESOURCES

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1:How do you define service learning? How is service learning related to Project-Based Learning?
  • Q2:How is service learning different from community service or volunteer work?
  • Q3:What age is service learning appropriate for?
  • Q4:Does service learning belong in schools? What is the pedagogical value in having students contribute to community (volunteering, raising funds, etc).
  • Q5: Pls describe any service learning projects you have implemented/witnessed at Elementary level
  • Q6: What types of service learning projects are appropriate for elementary school age children?
  • Q7: What are effective ways to spark student interest in service learning projects?
  • Q8: What are the essential elements to consider in order to make service learning opportunities successful?
  • Q9: How can we connect service learning to the curriculum?
  • Q10: Is it possible to “plan” student-driven service learning opportunities?

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