#elemchat - January 21, 2012

How can we infuse a more authentic aspect to activities in math class? - RESOURCES

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  • @gregcollins2010 - @MrWejr http://t.co/C6Fq6TS7 6 big Assessment practices #Elemchat (cont…
  • @plnaugle - #elemchat Authentic Activities for Connecting Mathematics to the Real World http://t.co/eqTczTmx
  • @cybraryman1 - My Making Math Relevant page http://t.co/8kMHVBJA #elemchat #elemchat
  • @erinpaynter - Tchg math thru a social justice lens webcast: resources.curriculum.org/secretariat/justice/index.html Authentic learning in math #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Authentic Math Unit Plans from Scholastic.com http://t.co/UWoCTkZE #elemchat
  • @flourishingkids - Shortcomings of traditional approaches to math instruction. http://t.co/AUEbQLYM #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Authentic Writing Experiences and Math Problem-Solving Using Shopping Lists - ReadWriteThink http://t.co/jqa7LUc3 #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Would you rather have your students create learning videos or memorize math facts? #elemchat [Like it? http://t.co/8Lqcqcy9 ]
  • @msnorthrup - I asked my 5th Graders to answer - Why Do We Learn Math? Here's what they said http://t.co/dXF5kIg1 #elemchat
  • @brettelockyer - #elemchat A1 An old favourite book to which I still refer http://t.co/SZKRODO8
  • @plnaugle - Earth Day is April 22. Plan some authentic Math Lessons http://t.co/8V2wggcv #elemchat
  • @msnorthrup - I think student choice is really important for authenticity. I use a bi-weekly Math Free Time as one approach http://t.co/ILUC7mmx #elemchat
  • @cybraryman1 - How I taught consumerism involved math http://t.co/1s9e3BZ2 #elemchat I took the learning out in the community #elemchat
  • @CallanRG - Connecting geometry to real life and the arts (a minilesson - Drawing 3D Prisms in Second Grade) http://t.co/M2GJjVV8 #elemchat
  • @jungleteach - I use http://t.co/ScH7BBuG for weekly challenge problems. Students have to submit solutions and present their thinking to class #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Great resource. Prpmotes HOTS RT @jungleteach: I use http://t.co/iuqIXXke for weekly challenge problems. #elemchat
  • @web20education - Blog post wolfram launched #education portal http://t.co/ybqHYpfB #elemchat
  • @pernilleripp - Math Obstacle Course http://t.co/tLfaZ8aN #elemchat
  • @pernilleripp - Build a 3-D City - a math project for scale, area, and perimeter http://t.co/uBOLPasc #elemchat
  • @tracywatanabe - @CliveSir Everyone can learn. We just need to understand that mindset. http://t.co/gsfWZlR5 #elemchat
  • @cybraryman1 - My Money & Budgets page has money games... http://t.co/jwmTud4O #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - @lookforsun No, but check out @Langwitches blog for great Skype info http://t.co/MfiPjuoX. #elemchat
  • @PeterMDeWitt - If you havent seen this funny math video, you need to. It's ma and pa kettle and I use it for presentations. #elemchat http://t.co/4za3AFnm
  • @plnaugle - A3 I think some kids are "programmed" by parents or teachers to believe that they can't get math. Phooey to that. #elemchat
  • @CallanRG - A4 I recommend everyone open this in a tab and watch it after: http://t.co/FNJrbaSz "Why Math Instruction Is Unnecessary" #elemchat
  • @msnorthrup - My students recently had an interesting conversation about why we learn math. Here's what they came up with: http://t.co/dXF5kIg1 #elemchat
  • @mr_avery - Even though Picnik is closing up, free premium features until April! features http://t.co/v2KAhTHW #Elemchat #edchat #edtech #6thchat
  • @ncarroll24 - @flourishingkids That is neat! #elemchat Me Circles http://t.co/g1TU0oSW
  • @BriteEyes49 - @msnorthrup Sumdog is excellent! We particpated in their contest for DE last month! My kids were "playing" math games every day! #elemchat
  • @CallanRG - I recommend "Young Mathematicians at Work" for using authentic contexts in math http://t.co/gxl8BYdM #elemchat
  • @CallanRG - Just bc it is recent news: Slavery Math Problems in School? The Right Way to Do It http://t.co/xtFnyNTY #elemchat
  • @tracywatanabe - Loved reading @jmsalsich post about math and football http://t.co/mDj7TKqg #elemchat
  • @mb_phillips - Here's one way to connect math and art with multiplication tables: http://t.co/z01MIAsz #elemchat
  • @ncarroll24 - @flourishingkids Fun interactive site: uses billards soccer and more http://t.co/AefIT3zT #elemchat "Hitting the Target"
  • @AHenrey - Visual Math Learning http://t.co/a6091fiw #elemchat
  • @PeterMDeWitt - Thnks for the chat. Here's a blog about last week's chat. #elemchat Importance of Service Learning http://t.co/qJI6gtNs via @educationweek
  • @tracywatanabe - I like the idea of students using the Painting with Time app for iP*d http://t.co/kkhFu4TK to create word problems to go with it #elemchat
  • @flourishingkids - Math engagement - images to delight excite, @Nevbar1 http://t.co/X9M8ryCc #elemchat
  • @bucharesttutor - One good Math games website I can recommend is, www.tutpup.com #elemchat
  • @BethSaxon - http://t.co/penCVdAE Awesome, awesome, great visual tool for multiplication, thx! #elemchat
  • @mrsd5107 - Hi all ...late to the party but I love the problem solving ideas from @YummyMath http://t.co/wXEYkLYY #elemchat
  • @ncarroll24 - Anyone using Sumdog http://t.co/TrXz79p9 My Ss love it to practice their math facts #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Math Projects - find some authentic learning here http://t.co/2P1SjeeN #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Check out http://t.co/qD46ZOpK for authentic math activities. #elemchat
  • @mrsd5107 - Writing in Math http://t.co/JM7WznMy #elemchat
  • @plnaugle - Education World: Connecting to Math in Real Life http://t.co/DjMDj0mc #elemchat
  • @TeachersNet - http://t.co/w55jMHil has a Super Bowl (Roman) Numerals printable doc #elemchat #mathchat
  • @FinEdChat - My piece for Edutopia on incorporating #financialliteracy in elementary classrooms #elemchat http://t.co/edfgBvLT
  • @tashacowdy - Counting large numbers; A Kindergarten counting inquiry http://t.co/Om0h4iFI #elemchat
  • @erinpaynter - Tweeted this webcast at #elemchat: http://t.co/LkGdwjCn Tchg math thru a social justice lens --> embedded in real life #edchat #mathchat
  • @Edu_Thompson - My Top 25 Free Math Resources for Education http://t.co/hQPMsjRV via @zite #edchat #mathchat #elemchat #fifthchat #cmsk12

Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: How do children learn mathematics? Different at different ages/stages?
  • Q2: What is the rationale for adding a more authentic nature to math activities?
  • Q3: Is there a certain brain which will never “get” math, no matter how authentic?
  • Q4: How can we help students answer the question:”Why do we need to know this?”
  • Q5: Math traditionally taught by textbook. How can we create contexts for learning that are connected to “real life”?
  • Q6: How can we connect mathematics to other areas, like social studies, science, etc.
  • Q7: Can math be connected with sport? How about music,art,cookery?
  • Q8: Can game apps be as effective as real-life math situations?
  • Q9: Can project-based learning be as effective as real-life math situations?
  • Q10: How can we extend math as learning that happens all day, beyond the classroom?
  • Q11: How do we help kids to go beyond: “I don’t get it?” and help them to articulate questions?
  • Q12: Can we use tech, like Showme app or other screencast tools, to give students opportunity to share connections/understanding?

Other Links

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