#elemchat - January 28, 2012

Best Pedagogical Practices for Integrating Technology? - RESOURCES

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Links shared by #ElemChat organisers

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: What is the purpose/advantage of integrating technology into teaching/learning?
  • Q2: When is it *not* best pedagogical practice to use technology?
  • Q3: Our students are growing up surrounded by technology. how much is too much “screen time”?
  • Q4: Are there certain things students need to learn to do offline “in real life” before they take it online?
  • Q4: What kinds of teaching/learning activities are most enhanced by the use of technology?
  • Q5: Can technology help teachers conduct and differentiate assessments more effectively?
  • Q6: Teacher tech tools: Work smarter, not harder. Which tools help you maximize your time & increase your productivity?
  • Q7: How do you find the best tech tools? How do you keep tech tools organized?
  • Q8: How do you introduce a new tool to your students?
  • Q9: With the myriad of tools now available, what criteria do you use to select tools to use with your students?
  • Q10: What are the most effective tools for keeping parents informed? How do parents respond to the use of tech?

Other Links

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