#elemchat - February 4, 2012

Strategies for effectively meeting the needs of gifted students - RESOURCES

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Links shared by #ElemChat organisers

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: Red rag: Gifted students are already able. Shouldn’t we focus more on weak students?
  • Q2: What criteria do you use to identify gifted students?
  • Q3: Does giftedness always translate into academic performance?
  • Q4: How do you move from giving gifted students “busywork” to stimulating, enriching experiences?
  • Q5: What are the classroom management issues associated with needs of gifted students?
  • Q6: Should teachers differentiate “up” (eg. next level math) or “sideways” for talented learners?
  • Q7: Do gifted students demand gifted teachers?
  • Q8: How do we help “twice gifted” students who are academically gifted but perhaps socially challenged?
  • Q9: When are students “tested” for giftedness in your system?

Other Links

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