#elemchat - February 11, 2012

How do we foster a student-centered classroom with mutual respect and passion for learning? - RESOURCES

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Links shared by #ElemChat organisers

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Questions for directing discussion

  • How would you define a student-centered learning environment? What does it look like?
  • How do you build common agreements about what your class learning community will look like?
  • How does your classroom physical set-up support your agreements? ( or support your goal to be more student focused?)
  • How do social and peer issues from recess impact the classroom environment?
  • How do you empower students to begin to take charge of their own learning?
  • How do you encourage students to reflect on their learning? ( and share those reflections)
  • How do you encourage(and facilitate) meaningful collaboration between students?
  • How do you promote a problem-solving approach both in terms of students working together (what to do if we are having trouble agreeing) and independently (what to do if I’m stuck)?
  • What opportunities do you provide for students to express their learning in different ways?
  • How do you encourage students to step out of their comfort zone?
  • How do you celebrate mistakes that lead to true learning?
  • How do we promote flexibility - both academically and personally?
  • How do you ensure that all students feel secure and see mistakes as opportunities for learning?
  • How does passion relate to a student’s expression of strengths? How can we ignite it through providing opportunities for student expression of those strengths?
  • Do you have an example of how you have brought passion into your classroom?
  • How do classroom jobs promote students owning the classroom? Do all have a weekly job?

Other Links

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