#elemchat March 31, 2012 : Appropriate Homeowork Practices for Today's Elementary Learners

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@PeterMDeWit:t The Homework Debate #elemchat http://t.co/Cm9sA9vy via @educationweek
@cybraryman1: @carrie2226 Love to see once in a while parent-child activity See My Family Events pg (top left ) http://t.co/gtW8tuYg
@plnaugle: Rethinking Homework by Alfie Kohn http://t.co/SHS9p159
@datruss: My post on the value (or rather lack of value) of homework http://t.co/csJ9MaOD
@lobroo: We use Ian Lillico homework grid - extends beyond classroom work. This is an example and simple explanation http://t.co/bN25T6w4
@plnaugle: Interesting comments - Homework Should Be Banned - For & Against http://t.co/P6ojDoSM
@cybraryman1: @Dr_Teach See my daily homework assignment here & read letter excerpt: http://t.co/DexALSly
@theASIDEblog: Homework using tech changes the dynamic. Forget paperwork for the sake of work. Stop the worksheets. #AYWW http://t.co/kEsDknIB
@stumpteacher: My Issues With Homework: http://t.co/OmHNjR7Q
@plnaugle: Maybe we should ask our students SHOULD WE GET HOMEWORK? http://t.co/pgVhEiWQ
@plnaugle: Should we assign homework? | Edutopia http://t.co/b62h1y6Q
@CarrieGelson: Joe Bower has an awesome page on his blog re abolishing homework http://t.co/RVPlSk6o
@plnaugle: How many of us have something like this - Homework Policy from CMS http://t.co/S8n3u6S1
@Edu_Trends: I would suggest all fans of HW to read 's the Homework Myth http://t.co/znIBtrGU
@cybraryman1: My Homework Debate page: http://t.co/Z1Q83FU3
@plnaugle: School homework does no good, study shows | American Vision News http://t.co/9FPAYXYa
@whatedsaid: I like how @sherrattsam uses the class blog for home reflection on class learning http://t.co/WqtwU6ha
@pluke17: Special Topic / The Case For and Against Homework - http://t.co/jcPTyTFx - important to recognise the research
@cybraryman1: If my students did not understand HW they wrote what they learned in class that day. My HW System: http://t.co/itqLelnU
@traintheteacher: My class loved participating in @collaboreyes project as a home learning task. Great way to learn about kids http://t.co/c4caibAc
@YvonneCa2: RT @PeterMDeWitt: The Homework Debate http://t.co/Cm9sA9vy via @educationweek
@pioneer_susie: missing @cybraryman http://t.co/YYzG8OKG
@plnaugle: Do Your Homework http://t.co/o49PUOkY Like the questions we could use in place of HW
@cybraryman1: My Homework Help - Extended Learning page (for students, parents if is assigned): http://t.co/3KZ1hJmK
@plnaugle: Homework Revolt, More Schools Districts Cutting Back - http://t.co/LfO7SVcr http://t.co/vdkeFU1r
@doriedance: My students love educational websites to explore. http://t.co/tSQkXZGd
@cybraryman1: My Homework Help - Extended Learning page (for students, parents if is assigned): http://t.co/3KZ1hJmK
@CarrieGelson: how research doesn't support HW at this age I have this on my blog http://t.co/IqJ3u5dO
@CarrieGelson: http://t.co/tKpTsSEe French parents boycott homework
@wagongrrl: assigning homework assumes a child HAS a home.

Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: Is homework necessary to learn or necessary?
  • Q2: What is your general philosophy with respect to assigning homework?
  • Q3: What types/aspects of homework are ineffective or inappropriate?
  • Q4: What criteria must be met for homework to be considered appropriate, effective?
  • Q5: How much (if any) homework is appropriate to assign at different levels of elementary?
  • Q6: Students are often assigned nightly reading homework. Variations include reading logs, etc... Your thoughts?
  • Q7: What strategies or tools do you suggest for organizing an individualized homework program?
  • Q8: how involved should parents be? How do you communicate that?
  • Q9: Share with us any Extending Learning Assignments that you feel really engaged your students?
  • Q10: Share your biggest takeaway today