#elemchat April 7, 2012 : Fostering Passion-Driven Learning

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  3. Questions for directing discussion

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: What is passion…really? How do you define passion?
  • Q2: How does passion present itself in your work? life? organization?
  • Q3: What does passion mean for you? our students? your community? Can passion be “taught”?
  • Q4: How does passion differ from engagement?
  • Q5: How could/does passion change the game? What conditions are necessary for passion to exist?
  • Q6: Is passion a necessary or a “nice to have” quality?
  • Q7: How does passion relate to a student’s expression of strengths?
  • Q8: Please share an example of how you have brought passion into your classroom
  • Q9: How can an author or other “expert” visit live or virtually help us model or evoke passion?
  • Q10: What is one thing you would like to do/plan to try to help ignite passion in your classroom?