#elemchat April 21, 2012 : Service Learning in the Elementary Classroom

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Links shared by #elemchat participants

  • @brettelockyer: The MAD Projects have been a great springboard for our whole-school emphasis. Good ideas for beginnings. http://t.co/RG1YeIXK
  • @cybraryman1: My Community-Based Service Learning page: http://t.co/ITi9g2bA
  • @cybraryman1: My Community Helpers page http://t.co/1UJYQ7KO
  • @cybraryman1: Precursor to Service Learning are Random Acts of Kindness My Character page: http://t.co/w5nCPJUe
  • @cybraryman1: Important to let students know they matter &what they do can help others My #YouMatter page: http://t.co/TV3qWVun
  • @Elle_Gifted: Join @KTVee's class in showing how your kids make a difference here: http://t.co/n3v7D2aq
  • @Elle_Gifted: Great resource I will be using with my sts to plan & execute service learning projects http://t.co/Wx0JvwPB
  • @jenwagner: I met @plnaugle through this project: http://t.co/5DCL92ah which was a service proj
  • @jjash: check out this video CBL and plenty of citizenship. http://t.co/rSIZhZwH
  • @lbingley: http://t.co/kuAXqiWj FISH 4 components: Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day, Play, Be There
  • @maliseherrera: http://t.co/cAyoerre is the book link to the bucket filler book I think most start with. @JosePopoff
  • @plnaugle: Katherine Marie 52 Smiles http://t.co/KVkXUKpB Ideas that could be used in elementary classes.
  • @plnaugle: http://t.co/FAjU6fle Great to post in classroom.
  • @plnaugle: 29 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day http://t.co/W0G5QT7S
  • @plnaugle: Activities for Grades 3-5 | Random Acts of Kindness http://t.co/2B0DtGps Hmmm,,,need to do.
  • @whatedsaid: I don't like the connotations of the word service. Some things to consider here: http://t.co/kH9E6asz
  • @whatedsaid: And our social justice conference inspired kids to learn and take action http://t.co/ERufGO7F
  • @whatedsaid: We used drama to explore social inequities. Powerful way to get kids thinking and acting http://t.co/xankJAtL
  • @whatedsaid: Kiva is an excellent way to grow kids understanding /learning. Except look what happened to me... http://t.co/DavcX0PY

Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1 What constitutes "service learning”... what counts? (Community service, working with younger students...?)
  • Q2 Is "service" the wrong word?
  • Q3 Is service learning citizenship?
  • Q4 Does supporting "good causes" count as "service learning"?
  • Q5 How would you make community-service learning "student" led?
  • Q6 What are the pedagogical benefits of service learning?
  • Q7 Service learning projects should empower kids to take action. How to achieve balance between student-driven yet guide “with a light touch”?
  • Q8 Please share any examples of elementary service learning projects you have been a part of or have heard of.