#elemchat April 28, 2012 : Report cards: How, what, and why?

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: What is the purpose of the report card?
  • Q2: Who is the report card’s intended audience? (parents? students? future schools?)
  • Q3: What do your report cards currently look like/include? Advantages/limitations?
  • Q4: Is there an ideal report card model? (Standards-based? Anecdotal? Grade-based? or...?)
  • Q5: How do you prepare for report cards? What does your “report card preparation process” look like?
  • Q6: What tools and strategies used to document student learning prove most useful during report card preparation?
  • Q7: How do you decide what to include in report card comments? (Context, assessment results, etc...)
  • Q8: Do you choose comments from a “bank” of phrases or do you write your own?
  • Q9: What elements should *not* be included in a report card?
  • Q10: How do you prepare parents to receive report cards for students who are having difficulties?
  • Q11: How can report cards be used as a tool for growth and learning?
  • Q12: How can students be involved in assessing their performance/ contributing to the report card?