#elemchat - November 26, 2011

Creating Effective Spaces for Learning - RESOURCES

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Links shared by #ElemChat organisers

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Questions for directing discussion

  • What kind of a world are we preparing our students for?
  • Are your students time-travelling when they come to school? What year are they learning in? What does your students’ current learning space look like?
  • What does an effective learning environment look like in terms of PHYSICAL SPACE (classroom design, furniture, storage etc..)
  • How do we convince purse-string holders to reinvest money to throw out perfectly good furniture when budgets are tight?
  • How do we shape learning spaces for personalised learning?
  • How do we involve students in creating an effective learning space?
  • What does an effective learning environment today look like in terms of SCHEDULE?
  • What are some alternative ways students could be grouped for effective learning today, other than age?
  • What resources would you like to see in an ideal learning environment?
  • How can collaboration and connections with the outside world enhance learning?
  • How can art, music, drama and P.E be meaningfully integrated for effective learning?
  • What kind of skills does a 21st century teacher need? What strategies does s/he use in the classroom?
  • What is one thing you can do this year to take a step towards transforming your students’ learning environment?
  • How do outdoor spaces contribute to effective learning?

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