#elemchat - December 3, 2011

Involving Students in Assessment and Reporting - RESOURCES

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Questions for directing discussion

  • Q1: Rationale: What are good reasons for involving students in assessment and reporting?
  • Q2: How do we create a climate where students take ownership of their own learning?
  • Q3: How can we help students identify/define goals that are measurable and attainable?
  • Q4: What are effective ways for students to participate in assessment & reporting?
  • Q5: How do we communicate the importance of student participation in assessment & reporting to parents and administration?
  • Q6: How do we make the portfolio experience authentic and ongoing (not just end of term pick favorite work?)
  • Q7: How do we foster student metacognition & reflection? (how to go beyond “I picked this work because I tried my best and worked hard”)
  • Q8: What are the logistics involved in organizing student-led conferences? (What’s important to remember? Scheduling? How many at a time? When?)
  • Q9: How do you prepare students for student-led conferences?
  • Q10: How do you prepare parents for student-led conferences?
  • Q11: Should/can students assess their peers objectively?

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